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 "SEARCH" Covid-19 For PPE (personal protective equipment) Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers and Health Items for your office or business...ARE YOU READY?

Great to be back from spending part of 2019 in California working with a NEW University start up
.. we are affiliated with Adventures in Advertising (AiA), as one of a network of companies throughout the USA with SALES topping over $180,000,000 in 2018-2019. Our promo products buying power is tops in our industry and that allows us to give you not only the best price, but other additional services like CREATIVE DESIGN, and "PRINT, PACK & SHIP" Capabilities.

Coming in 2020 were rolling out a new software program to manage a points system for your SAFETY, WELLNESS, SALES, & YEARS OF EMPLOYMENT that recognizes your employees with "GIFTS" that say Thank You!


  • Corporate Programs with Designed E-commerce Stores
  • Brand Building using customized Print & Promotional Products
  • Incentive & Loyalty Rewards Programs for Small Business with online ordering software
  • Content Marketing, Social Media and Event Services
  • Text Marketing Tools that Build Customer Engagement


  • Let's work together to develop a creative advertising campaign through discovery and brainstorming using themes, concepts and ideas for your next office promotion, company event or printing project.


  • To offer opinions, ask questions, and to ensure you achieve YOUR goals and expectations on time and on budget!


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